Monday, April 5, 2010

Missing Kenya

Siboe Makokha, a Kenyan poet based in Berlin, emailed me blindly (I had no idea who he was or how he got a hold of me, but I'm glad he did!) with an incredibly eloquent and touching request to read his book of poetry, "Nest of Stones". As I read the truth and beauty in his words, my faith in the future of Kenya began to grow even more.

After my trip in September 2009, I was blown away by Kenyan youth I met- their talents are exceptional, their voices are powerful. They want peace for their country. They want progress and development. They want accountability and true democracy. And they are expressing themselves through poetry and spoken word.

What better motivation for me to continue to write and perform?

A footprint of a common god defies Time defies Man
to whisper without words that the bloods is one
to whisper into our memory that our blood is one

Mantra of the North Rift, Siboe Makokha, 2010.

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